Trousers "Velites"

Manufacturer: SRVV
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   BDU is one of the most versatile and convenient items of tactical clothing, but it also has its weak sides. First of all, the problem lies in the fact that the whole army is equipped with a regular field uniform, so it is meant to be as simple and cheap as possible which often makes it not ergonomic enough. This doesn't satisfy special forces operators so they have to look for other options.

   "Survival Corps" has developed a field pants "Velites" to supply this gap. These pants are an alternative development of "Triarius" trousers with a greater emphasis on lightness and ergonomics. There are 8 pockets and inside each of the side pockets there are small pockets for a phone or a flashlight/multitool and elastic bands for fixing rifle magazines or a bottle. Bottom trousers can be tied with nylon tapes.

   Also, the pants have a wide and ergonomic waist part with tightenings to fit the figure. The fabric is additionally reinforced in the knees area to increase hardwearing. Pants do not constrain movements and they have successfully passed the stress test in extreme conditions.

1. Comfortable and light.
2. You can fixate items in your pockets.
3. Unique camouflage not glowing in the NVG.
4. Also pay attention to the "Velit" jacket.

Fabric: 50% Nylon 50% Cotton 
Furniture: Zipper YKK®, VELCRO®, Threads COATS®, Buttons STOCKO®.

Weight: 900 gram