Combat Trousers "Triarius"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: belt
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   Modern combat uniform should combine such qualities as multitasking, comfort, durability and simplicity. Many types of uniform are developed, but special tasks require the use of special equipment. Regular BDU trousers are not always enough functional and comfortable, which does not satisfy the special forces operators.

   Survival corps provided the solution to this problem by creating “Triarius” combat trousers. This are durable and comfortable pants designed directly for special forces. Pants have built-in knee pads and are strengthened with the original Cordura. A special cut allows the knees to be regulated and the knee pad protects not only the knee, but also the area above and below it.

   The pants can be adjusted to fit, the shape of the pockets provides comfortable use in a sitting position. The pants are made of original NIR fabrics with usage of Russian technology.

1. Great protection.                                                                                                
2. High comfortable.
3. Unique camouflage.
4. Don’t glow in NVG.

Fabric: 50% Nylon 50% Cotton
Furniture: Zipper YKK®, VELCRO®, Threads COATS®, Buttons STOCKO®.

Weight: 1000 gram