Tactical Stock "PT-3"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Standard stocks are not suitable sometimes for the shooters, especially when some specific adjustments are required.

   ZenitCo PT-3 stock allow to solve this problem and improve weapon's ergonomic, which has matter for professionals, it's length-adjusted and has adjustable cheek. It allows to adjust the stock exactly for user's preferations and, moreover, this stock is folding!

   PT-3 model is more easy to understand in adjustment(even for the person who see this stock first time), has attractive design and more compact.

1. Doesn`t require any modifications while installing.
2. Has adjustable cheek .
3. Telescopic mechanism has wide length-adjustment options.
4. Folding even in adjusted condition. Doesn't require any re-adjustment while folding.
5. Doesn`t conflict with Soviet-type optic sight mount while folded.
6. Free E-packet shipping (10-30 days) included. This products cannot be shipped with DHL.


D-16T alloy

Weight: 550 gram.