AK Rail "B-13"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


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This rail created for any AK serie for placing additional optic and holosights instead of basic mechanical scope. 

This rail working with any AK, which one have "Swallow Tail" rail (so, almost ALL AK, only early AK-47 doesn't have it). 

Made from Aluminum Allow, so, it's very durable and very light :) Must lighter, than China copies. 

Original Zenitco product!  Made in Russia.

Can be placed on: АК-103, АК-104, АК-105, АК-74М, АКС-74, АКС-74У, Saiga-410К, Saiga МК-03, Saiga-308, Saiga-9, Saiga-МК, Saiga-12К, Saiga-20К, Saiga-308-1, AKM, RPK

Weight: 175 gramm

Material:  Unique Allow of Aluminum D16T

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