Goggles Cover "SRVV"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   In rough and desert terrain warfare it is especially important to protect your vision. But goggles also need some protection. Goggles should be protected from dirt, dust and sand, as well as occasional glare from the sun can turn into a bait for a sniper.

   Survival Corps company produces high-quality covers for goggles. This cover is closed with Velcro and is suitable for absolutely any type of goggles. The cover perfectly protects them from damage and prevents glares.

   The cover is easy to put on and fits tightly on the glasses. Like all SRVV brand products, this cover is made of the highest quality original materials produced in the USA. Camouflage is also a unique development of the company and has IR remission.

1. Fits all goggles.
2. Protects from damage.
3. Opening/closing with velcro.

Fabric: 100% cotton.
Furniture: COATS® threads.Velcro®.

Weight: 50 gram