Steel AEG Piston

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


Steel AEG Piston, made by the Russian Company - Combat Union made from real steel and alloy D16T and created for the AEG. It's made on the high-precision CNC machines in Russia.

It's main features:
1. It's weight is only 26 gramm

2. Durability (up to 10 times more lifetime, than base piston).

3. Made from Allow D16T and comb made from real steel.

4. Smaller weight, than base model.

5. Work with any Gearboxes version 2 and 3. 

6. Optimized for work with powerful springs (from M120 and higher).

Compatibility: Gearbox version 2 and 3

Material:  Alloy D16T and real steel.

Made in Russia.