AK Metal Hop-Up Chamber

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


AK Metal Hop-Up , made by the Russian Company - Combat Union made from alloy D16T and created for the AEG. It's made on the high-precision CNC machines in Russia.

This is one the most durable and stable Hop-Up chamber, ever made for the AK AEGs. It's made from durable alloy and include Nozzle, to provide best compression. It's increase your FPS on 16-25 (5-10 m/s), with the same details in gearbox. 

Another great feature of this Hop-up - it have wheel for hop-up adjustment. It's tight turns, not to lose the configuration from vibration when shooting. So, that's mean, that you can be sure, that you don't need to adjust hop-up after each game. 

Also this hop-up have four holes for LED, what makes it easier to install the tracer. 

Here you can find review on this theme - https://airsoftnews.eu/2018/10/combat-union-the-future-of-v3-hopup/


AK LCT - ready to setup.

AK E&L - ready to setup.

AK G&G -  ready to setup.

Vitiaz LCT - ready to setup.

AK ICS - won't work at all.

AK CYMA - ready to setup.

VAL/VSS LCT - ready to setup.

VAL/VSS NPO - need to modifie outer barrel.

Lonex/Retroarms gearbox - ready to setup.

Material:  Alloy D16T 

Made in Russia.