M249 Metal Hop-Up Chamber

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Most standard hop-up chambers don't satisfy the players with their characteristics. They are too fragile, poorly feeding and spinning the bbs. Therefore, players choose to use custom parts.

   This hop-up camera is more durable due to the use of aluminum collets for centering the barrel and the clip to fixate it, which is extremely important for the machine gun.

   The hop-up has an additional rubber for fixate the adjustment ring. You can also install a lighting system for tracer balls in a ball receiver. Consistently high compression and feeding. Made from duraluminum with high-precision CNC machine.

1. The kit includes a nozzle for M249/M4.
2. The kit includes a nozzle for M249/M4.
3. Strengthened with aluminum parts.

Aluminium Alloy D16T

Weight: 65 gram