Warbelt "SRVV"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: vest
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   Belts throughout history have shown themselves to be one of the most convenient platforms for carrying equipment. Starting from the sword belt and ending with the LBE and warbelt, they were actively used in various branches of the armed forces because they allow carrying ammunition and other elements of equipment without overloading the soldier and ensuring good mobility.

   Sherman warbelt by Survival Corps is a convenient MOLLE base. The belt has MOLLE webs, 4 strap attachment points, and a 3D mesh on the inside. The belt fits comfortably and securely in place even with active movements.

   The belt is very easy to adjust, fastens with a plastic buckle. It was developed specifically for FSB and FSO and is made from original materials of American manufacture.

1. Reliable warbelt with excellent fixation.
2. Designed for high-end special forces.
3. Original materials.
4. Does not constrain movements.
5. NIR.

VELCRO®. COATS® threads. YKK STOCKO® plastic buckles. Original SURPAT® tapes, NIR.

Weight: 340 gram