Plate Carrier "Alpha"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: vest
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   The experience of the first Chechen war showed that a soldier needs reliable protection, including classic plates on the chest and back, as well as protection of the other zones. After all, only one fragment could take the life of a fighter. And today this problem has not disappeared anywhere, so there was a need to upgrade existing body armor.

   Survival Corps company took Defender 2 body armor as a basis and introduced certain innovations into its design. The vest has become more modern, received a 3D mesh instead of climate pads, as well as a quick release system. Very easily adjustable in size. It is fully compatible with plates and inserts from Defender 2.

   Like all products of the SRVV brand, this vest is made of original materials of American manufacture. The vest is of the highest quality and has IR remission.

1. A modern look at Defender 2.
2. Excellent protection area.
3. Top quality.
4. Unique camouflage.
5. Quick release.

Fabric: CORDURA® 1000D.Furniture: VELCRO®, COATS® threads, YKK STOCKO® accessories.

Weight: 1.5 kg

Compatibility with Plates