6B46 (BNZ) "Operator-4"

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: vest
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   Plate carriers became popular among military and airsoft players due to their high wearing comfort, modularity, functionality and good protection. This type of vest allows you to actively move and wear not too much weight.

   BNZ 6b46 is designed as a plate carrier for the needs of the Russian army. The vest is used by armored vehicle crews and paratroopers due to its small size. Cummerbund consists of two parts and closes with Velcro and buttons. Used with the “Granite” and SAPI plates.

   The back panel of the vest can be separated to use it as a chest rig (with or without armor plate). You can place a hydrator inside the back part which is extra comfortable during long combat.

   In our shop you can buy it as an only platform, as well as ready-made rifleman AK set:


   4 Army Pouches for AK Mags

   3 Army Pouches for F-1

  It isn’t a body armor, it is just a plate carrier without armor plates or kevlar!

1. High functionality.
2. Used by tank crews and VDV scouts.
3. Can be change from Plate Carrier to Chestrig.

Fabric: Cordura 1000D (Olive Drab), Baltex Cordon 500PU (Digital Flora EMR Leto).

Weight: 1.09 kg