Footwraps "Portyanki"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: gloves
Stock Status: Available



   Army boots are hard and heavy, they require appropriate wear for the feet. And what can be better than even more brutal Russian footcloths or portyankas? They are more than a thousand years old, and they surprisingly are even better then socks.

   Portyanka is very simple — a piece of thick fabric wrapped around the leg. It is easier to tolerate heavy loads in the boots, it is easy to wash, and with proper winding technique, it will not go astray and will not rub the feet like socks do.

   Even if it’s wet — just rewind it with the dry side inside. Also, the footcloth can easily be used not for its main purpose — for example you can use it as a bandage for a fracture. Try on a real Russian style.

1. Nothing is more simple.
2. Nothing is more durable.
3. Thousand years history.
4. True Slav experience.

Fabric: C/Р

Weight: 240 gram