NATO Pistol Holster "Alpha-West"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Stich Profi “Alpha-West” fast holsters are made of high durable polymeric materials and suitable for IPSC shooters, SF units operatives and airsofters.

   They are designed for fast pistol release in case of necessity. Besides that, the angle of the holster may be also adjusted for user's preferences. 

1. Suitable for IPSC shooters, SF units operatives and airsofters (fits Airsoft models too!)
2. All holsters are formed and made only for certain pistol model.
3. Provides user with fast pistol release.
4. Holster angle may be adjusted by user according to own preferences.
5. Attention!
The mounts(adaptors) are sold separately. The holster's installation is impossible without
adapter "Alpha". You may find and buy the preferable one at the related items. 


Kydex polymer with silicone

Weight: 500 gram