GSG Helmet "AM-95"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available


This is Replica of German helmet AM-95. This is very rare and popular helmet. Used by German Special Force, like GSG. 

Consist from:

1. Working headphone. It's include headphones, microphone, PTT button and wires for connect with Kenwood radioset. 

2. Main part of helmet, made from Steel and ABS High durable plastic (Suitable for Airsoft). 

3. Visor, made from shock-proof Plastic and real-steel upper part.

Used by Bandit hero in Rainbow Six (R6): Siege. 

Note! Dummy version doesn't include headphones!!

Made in Russia. 

One size fits all. Universal size for any head (from 55 till 62 size of head).