Rosguard and MVD MRE (IRP)

Manufacturer: SpecPit
Product Code: IRP
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The most classic Russian IRP (IRP - MRE - Meals Ready to Eat. Usually used by Soldiers during operations). Designed as ration for one person (include Breakfast, lunch, dinner (include also products for Tea Time, it's important, if you are from UK :) ).

There are two versions - Standard and Enhanced. Enhanced contains same products, as standard version, but include some additional items like Sgushenka. 

NOTE! This is fresh packaged IRP officially ordered from Supplier. There are a lot of different more cheaper IRP, but usually they are took from military warehouse, have small expiration date (usually around 2-3 months) and not fresh, not tasty eat. We guarantee, that this IRP are fresh and very tasty :)

WE CANNOT SHIP THIS IRP THROUGH DHL! We will refund it, or send it as ground shipping. Anyway, we will contact with you about it

Used by:

- Security structures;

- Used in providing food to employees of MVD, Rosguard, Police;

- Is an emergency supply of food in emergency and emergency situations;

- Used by fishermen, hunters and tourists;


- Big Expiry Date (usually 22-24 months);

- Contains products that do not require special storage conditions;

- Used by Special Force and MVD.

- Fresh and tasty Ration Packed. Officially ordered from Supplier. 

Gross Weight: Only 1.9 kg! 

Expiry date: 18-20 months since delivery to you

1Army biscuits200 g
2Canned meat250 g
3Canned meat and cereal250 g
4Canned meat and vegetable250 g
5Canned vegetable snack100 g
6Liver pate100 g
7Chocolate nut paste50 g
8Toning drink concentrate25 g
9Drink the milk dry30 g
10Fruit jam45 g
11Coffee2 g
12Tea4 g
13Sugar60 g
14Solt5 g
15Peper1 g
16Tomato paste, spicy (Only in enhanced version)1
17Gum (Only in enhanced version)1
19Water disinfection agent3
20Plastic spoon3
21Condensed milk - Sgushenka (Only in enhanced version)3
22Fruit stick (Only in enhanced version)1
Fats208 g
Proteins115 g
Carbohydrates355 g
Energy value3537 Ккал
Expiration date22 months
Weight1,8 kg
Country of originRussia