Tactical Stock "PT-1"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


PT-1 one the most popular Russian Stocks. It's telescope stock, so, you can adjust length and height of this stock. Used by almost all Russian Special Force units, including FSB, Rosguard, SOBR and etc. 

This is updated version of legendary Stock "PT-1". Version of 2018 year. It's became lighter, than previous version (almost on 100 gram), have two types of rear and 7 more updated!

Created for ANY AK serie, including Airsoft copies (work on E&L, LCT and Cyma), this stock became real classic in Russian Special Forces. It's telescope stock, so, it's created for any aims and any guns. 

Have adjustable height, length. Can be used folded. 

Original Zenitco product!  Made in Russia.

Can be placed on: АК-103, АК-104, АК-105, АК-74М, АКС-74, АКС-74У, Saiga-410К, Saiga МК-03, Saiga-308, Vitiaz, Saiga-9, Saiga-МК, Saiga-12К, Saiga-20К, Saiga-308-1

Weight: 550 gramm

Material:  Unique Allow of Aluminum D16T and steel