VOIN Combat Shirt "Uron"

Manufacturer: VOIN
Product Code: shirt
Stock Status: Available



   Body armour is a necessary, but extremely heavy element of an operator's equipment, especially when it carries ammunition on it. Therefore, a heavy body armour can be extremely inconvenient for wearing with a jacket.

   VOIN company has developed this version of a light combat shirt specially for Russian Special Forces operators. This shirt is super suitable for use in the city or in other areas that require increased protection.

   In comparison with the shirt “Les”, “Uron” breathes a little worse, but still wicks sweat well. The shirt is much heavier due to the strengthenings on the shoulders and elbows made of Cordura. It also has polymer protectors and foam dampers installed for better protection.

1. Invisible in NVG.
2. Excellent protection on the shoulders and elbows.
3. Hypoallergenic tissue does not irritate the skin.
4. The shirt is the best choice for CQB or city.

Сollar and sleeves : Rip-Stop 50 % cotton 50 % polyester
Torso : Polyester 100%

Weight: 600 gram