Combat trousers "Uron"

Manufacturer: VOIN
Product Code: trousers
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   Modern combat uniform should combine such qualities as multitasking, comfort, durability and simplicity. Many types of uniform are developed, but special tasks require the use of special equipment. Regular BDU trousers are not always enough functional and comfortable, which does not satisfy the special forces operators.

   Combat pants "Uron" were developed for the needs of Russian special forces, using the experience of Syrian war. Comparing to the counterparts these trousers have an improved ventilation system. Thanks to the adapted fit and the location of the pockets, the pants can be comfortably worn with hip platforms and holsters.

   The main difference of this pants is a completely new principle of knee pads installation, which simplifies their placement and increases the wearing comfort. Also there are special protective dust-proof collar and additional ventilation in the lower part of the trousers.

1. Specially designed for special forces, tested in combat.
2. Great for hot weather.
3. Do not hinder wearing hip gear.
4. Dust-proof.
5. Do not glow in NVG.

Fabric: Rip-Stop (65% Polyester 35% Cotton)

Weight: 1140 gram