VKBO 8th Layer Winter Suit

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available

$119 $146

Light, warm and convinient in usage during the winter. Consists of jacket and trousers. Manufactured with usage of modern materials, doesn`t get wet and protects from wind. Comfortable in wear from +15C till -40C. Recommended to be used with winter mittens, scarf or balaclava and ushanka from VKBO kit in cold weather.

Comfortable temperature: -40 till +0 oC
Used with layer: ANY

This winter suit amazing for any winter. It can be used from -40 till 0 oC. It's extremely warm, but you can delete layer, that include in it, and it will be also suitable for middle European and American Winters. It's light, and dry very fast, so, you can use it during rain. 

Composition: 100% polyamide. Encapsulation silicone.

• Warm suit for extremely cold weather.

• Fabric upper repels moisture and protects from snow and wind.

• Efforts in the field of high-strength fabric elbows and knees.

• The heater does not absorb moisture, keeping warm.

• Lightweight and compact (packed in a compression bag, supplied Included with the suit).

• Fast drying.

• Used in a multi-level system of the upper insulated suit.

• Recommended temperature range for use from -40 ° C to 0 oC.