Gaiters "Alabai"

Manufacturer: Stich Profi
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available


Traditional Russian Gaiters, used by almost all special forces during heavy snow. Protect your boots from snow. Very light, attach on any boots and trousers. 

Fixing on leg with veclro and zip. Made from durable and light fabric.

The main difference between Alabai and Husky Gaiters:
1. Alabai have metal hooks, they are little more durable, than fabric one. 
2. Alabai have additional metal hooks in the bottom of gaiter, to provide ability to hook them on shoelaces. 
3. Husky is more affordable, and if you don't mind about additional functions - there is no other major difference them. 

With using of this Gaiter, you will be like Alaska Alabai. Run even in heavy snow, because you can be sure, that your boots protected from snow ;)