Shield Flashlight "Snow Queen"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


This flashlight was created for Special Force to us on assault shield, to illuminate the room during assault and for blinding the enemy. 

This flashlight is very bright and very compact. It's power of flashlight is about 4200 lumens!

There are version of 3 LED's (Snow Girl) and 5 LED's (Snow Queen). Difference in weight and power of flashlight. In other parameters this flashlight are the same!

Original Zenitco product!  Made in Russia. Can be used on real shields. 

Include full kit: Flashlight, tactical button, 16V battery, Charger for battery, instruction. Ready to setup!

Can be placed on: Any assault shield

Weight: 0.8 kg (Girl) / 1.5 kg (Queen)

Material:  Unique Allow of Aluminum D16T

Power of flashlight: 1800 (Girl) / 4200 (Queen) lumen

Battery type: 16 V battery (Included!)