Light Warbelt "Ronin"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   Warbelt turned out to be one of the most convenient platforms to carry ammunition, but still it can not be absolutely versatile. Warbelt is rather wide, which does not allow to wear it concealed. Carrying heavyweight equipment, it also requires straps.

   Ars Arma produces RONIN SGB belts intentionally to solve these problems. The belt is a light platform consisting of an inner trouser belt and an external MOLLE belt, joint between each other with Velcro. The outer belt is also fixed with an extremely reliable Cobra buckle. Thanks to this, even during extremely active actions the belt will remain in place.

   The small size of the belt also makes it possible to use it as a concealed MOLLE system simply by wearing a jacket. The outer belt has two narrow MOLLE slings, which allows you to carry any pouches. The belts are produced from original materials from USA, Austria and Italy.

1. Low profile and narrow.
2. The possibility of concealed usage.
3. The belt sits firmly on the body.
4. Easy to release if necessary.
5. Original Cobra buckle.

Strap: MOLLE Murdock Ind USA.
Furniture: Velcro Texxi Italy, Buckle AustriAlpine Austria.

Weight: 265 gram