Light Belt "Ronin"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available


This light Belt "Ronin" created for the Special Force, who need maximal mobility. It's works great in cases, when you don't need to place a lot of pouches on your warbelt or you want to use warbelt, but don't want to use suspenders. 

This belt consist of two parts: 

1. Soft velcro base can be used as regular trouser belt. It's soft and adjustable. 

2. Molle belt with original Cobra buckle. Works as standard Molle belt. The main advantage of this belt - it's fixed in trousers and you don't need to use suspenders with this belt. Just put it on soft velcro base and it will be reliably fixed on waist. 

We highly recommending this belt, if you are planing to use 2-3 pouches on belt and nothing more. For more heavy sets (5+ pouches), you will need to use other battle belts with suspenders (like "Sparrow").