VKBO 7th Layer Insulated Vest

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available


Matching all-weather clothes set is not very simple task sometimes, because the clothes must work well and propperly in each type of weather, be convinient and the elements of it may be combined with each other. 

BTK Group successfully completed this task and created VKBO uniform set for Russian Armed Forces. 

VKBO Set includes multiple layers, the elements of which may be combined with each other due to the temperature and weather type outside, allowing to make most suitable set for every case!

VKBO insulated vest is created for wearing with any layer of uniform set in any season to safe warm.

1. Light and compact.
2. Central two-way zipper for easy operation and quick entry into the lower layers when wearing a tactical vest or armor.
3. Width along the waistline is regulated by an elastic cord with a lock.
4. Bottom adjustable elastic cord and retainer on both sides.
5. Has two deep pockets on the outside and inside for carrying documents etc.

Zip the zipper before washing! The manual washing withoutwashing powder or with usage of special "high-tech" fabric washing agent is recommended! Do not dry near open flame or heating appliances.

Composition: 100% polyamide with PTFE windproof membrane.

Made in Russia.