VKBO 7th Layer Insulated Vest

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: suit
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    Winter is a period that causes great difficulty in performing tactical missions. Low temperatures and snow are significant obstacles. Therefore, you should be wise to the choice of winter equipment. And when it comes to winter, who else but Russians know how to warm you?

    The Russian VKPO kit from BTK Group includes a 7 level warm vest. This vest can be easily combined with different levels of military uniforms, which allows you to use it both in -40 and -10 degree.

    The vest doesn't constrain movements at all, fastens a zipper with two fasteners for greater convenience in interaction with equipment and is adjustable in the waist with an elastic cord. The vest also has two deep pockets and an inside pocket for documents.

1. Lightweight and compact.
2. Doesn't constrain movements.
3. Perfectly combines with different layers.                                                                         

Polyamide 100%

Weight: 600 gram