Summer Suit "Afghanka" BDU

Manufacturer: Russia
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   The Afghanka is a Russian military slang term for a field uniform system developed and issued by the Soviet Army in the early 1980s. The popular name of the uniform was derived from its prolific use during the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

   The Afghanka began appearing in military units in the early 1980s during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, hence the name. The design of the jacket and trousers may have been based on similar patterns used by other Warsaw Pact armies such as the GDR. The soldiers found the new uniform to be very effective, especially in Afghanistan.

   Today the Afghanka design uniform sometimes still in use by Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus and Georgia.

1. Field jacket has six pockets, may be adjusted at waist
2. Straight-type field trousers with cargo pockets and elastic bands at the lower part(for wearing with combat boots or kirzachi).
3. Original fabric.
4. The construction, the markings and fonctions are absolutely identical and authentic to the original USSR Suit.


Weight: 1.6kg