FSS-014 (6Э2)

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: flashlight
Stock Status: Available

$41 $62

FSS-014 or 6Э2 created for Russian Army as compact flashlight, that can be attached to helmet, or use standalone from it. 

It have two main function - first, as standard, very bright flashlight. It lamp provide long lifetime (not less than 7000 hours and up to 100000 hours of work), plus it have advanced optics, so, it provide very bright light and use battery very economic. It have four levels of bright for each situation. 

Another feature of this flashlight, that you can use it as signal item. It have four colours - red, white, blue, green. It's very useful for military operations and just for airsoft or hunting. 

It use AA 1.5V battery and works up to 5.5 hours. 

Comes without any certificates and instructions, batteries are also not included into the supply kit! 

Video about attaching it to helmet: