FSS-014 (6Э2)

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: flashlight
Stock Status: Available

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   "Ratnik" is the widest and most complete set of equipment for the Russian soldier, in which attention is paid to literally everything, not excluding the flashlight.

   Helmet flashlight 6E2 is a special flashlight equipped with three light filters for light identification of one's own-another's or giving different light signals.

   The 6E2 kit consists of two elements: a flashlight and a universal helmet mount. Continuous operation time from the AA power supply is at least 5.5 hours.

1. Included in the a "Ratnik" gear.
2. Ideal for the reconstruction of the Russian armed forces.
3. It consists of a lantern and a mount.
4. Uses an AA battery.
5. Attention! This product could be in long-term conservation,
in warehouse storage and have external scuffs,
but this does not affect its quality and functionality!

Material of manufacture: Impact-resistant plastic.

Weight: 120 gram