PVC Patch "Russia"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: patch
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Fast and precise friendly forces identification during the combat mission is one of the basis of success. But very bright patches increase the risk of friendly forces detection by the enemy.

Thin colorized stripes in colors of the Russian flag allows to identificate Russian soldier, but doesn't affect at the masking qualities at the distance higher than 50 m.

Very durable, doent's lose color and don't torn , made for SOF units as a replacement of classic embroeded tricolor patch. 

1. Absence of bright colorized spot at the distance more then 50 m
2. High durability, tear- and color loss-resistant
3. Unique iPVC® technology
4. Plastic crocket velcro.

This patch is made with usage of the unique iPVC® technology, developed by Mordor Tac.

PVC base is made of special military usage developed material. Increased durability and tear-resistance, has NIR signature.

Has high-quality plastic velcro (up to 10000 opening\closing circles), attached with glue.

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