Back Pouch "Minimap"

Manufacturer: Raid Gear & MBC
Product Code: backpack
Stock Status: Available



Sometimes some small plate-carriers don`t fit too big Modular Assault Packs or hydration system covers or simply their volume is too big and much free space isn`t used.

That`s why MBC LLC created Minimap-small and compact, Molle-attached backpack, which can carry only the most necessary things for the user. It has 3 outputs on zipper, which allows to get fast access to the things inside it or put the drinking system or high pressure air cylinder hose out by the most convinient way for you.

Minimap also contains detachable velcro adjusted inner separator inside, which allows to fix hard drinking system inside Minimap.

Moreover, there`s hided pocket under the outer big velcro panel. The pocket contains red -coloured small detachable pocket, which can be used for containing money or documents, or some little personal items.

1.Fits compact plate-carriers perfect
2.Allows to place inside minimum quantity of necessary items.
3. Velcro-adjustable detachable inner separator.
4. 3 outputs simplify access to the inner volume.
5.Covered pocket under outer velcro panel.

Cordura 1000D

Weight: 490 gramm