Groin Pad Bag "HANGER D3CR"

Manufacturer: Raid Gear & MBC
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available

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SF Operatives or airsoft players have necessity to keep different big and small personal items or medical stuff etc at hand, but there are no any more free place at the vest. How to solve the problem?
MBC LLC has universal solution for this case!

D3 detachable utility pouch may be attached on velcro as at D3CR chestrig in standalone wearing, as to Phantom (or some other) plate-carrier in case with usage of frontal panel.

The pouch may be detached fast with getting access to the personal items without finding them by hand without any visual contact.

The inner part also contains velcro panel for attaching some things, which have velcro crocket contact part.

1. Big inner volume
2. Velcro attachment allows to place the pouch as to plate-carriers, as to D3CR chestrig
3. Velcro panel inside the pouch may be used for additional fixation of some things
4. The pouch also may be removed from velcro to get fast access to personal items.

Cordura 1000D

Weight: 160 gramm.