Backpack "Vector"

Manufacturer: Raid Gear & MBC
Product Code: backpack
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This backpack, which is suitable bothly for SF operatives or airsofters, hikers, fishers and hunters , has modular construction and innovational MINUS MOLLE interface.

It has been designed for long0term bearing of different equipment elements, has one main 15 liters volume main comportment and multiple integrated pockets.

The backpack consists of the next modules:

1. Main comportment.
2. Detachable shoulder straps.
3. Detachable inner administrative panel.
4. Detachable outer frontal panel with 8 mounting points for transporting bulky equipment (like sleeping bags etc).
5. Detachable weapon fixation system. With its hel you may fix hard any additional weapons or RPG at your backpack.

1. Modular construction.
2. Outer frontal detachable module allows to bear bulky equipment, like sleeping bag or mat, or carry additional weapon or RPG.
3. Inner detachable administrative panel.
4. Main comportment`s volume -15 litres.
5. Inner hydration system pockets with right and left hose output holes.
6. Fast-drop system on fastex buckles.

Cordura 1000D

Weight: 1.65 kg