Grenade Pouch "RG" GP-103

Manufacturer: Wartech
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



  WARTECH LLC Pouch for special granade "RG" GP-103 will be good choice in case if the velcro pouches are too loud and bothly you don`t want to waste time with button buckle.

  Has durable and adjustable fastex buckle on strap. Suitable for F-1, RGD-5.RGN and RGO grenades or airsoft handgrenades with similar sizes.

1. User-friendly fastex buckle
2. Buckle adjustment
3. Competibility as with combat hand grenades, as with airsoft grenades with similar sizes

Material: Nylon 100%
Strap: Nylon 100%
Furniture: Azetal

Weight: 56 g