Light scout suit "Recruit"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available

$29 $39


  Mordor Tac "Recruit" Suit is a good choice bothly for rookies in airoft and for SF units operatives, for trainings and exercises.

  The suit is made of light fabric (20% cotton, 80% polyester), has the waist on elastic band, minimalistic design, 2 sleeves pockets with velcro panels at them and also has elastic bands in lower part of sleeves at jacket and in waist and lower part of trousers. Also the suit has non-adjustable hood.

1. The elastic band has been replaced at the back part of waist on jacket, it`s more convinient.
2. All extra and non-fonctional pockets were removed.
3. Low price.
4. Has velcro panels at sleeves.
5. Light fabric.
6. High quality furniture

Material: LuxKmf Fabric
Cotton 20%
Polyester 80%

Weight: 600 g (size M)