STSH-81 "Sfera"

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STSH-81 called "Sphere" was one of the first Soviet Army helmet of "new generation". Before there was more older models, like SSH-68 and SSH-40, used in Afghanistan and WW2. This helmet had difficult form, consists from three metal plates. It was like Iphone for the Russian Army.

The main innovation of this helmet was "scaly dome". Helmet consist from three scales. When a bullet hit one of them, it shifted, absorbing part of the energy of the shot, without breaking the neck of the soldier in the helmet. That's why it was so popular during the Chechen Wars.

Used in Russian Army, MVD and Special Forces since middle of 80-x years for a very long time. This helmet was one of the most common during both Chechen wars and Ex-USSR wars, like Nagornii Karabach war and other one.

This is high detail replica, made by Gearcraft. It also have difficult form, consisting from three plastic plates and difficult cover.

1. This helmet will be great for Chechen War kit.
2. Hight detail replica.
3. Same as original form, three different plates.
4. Original strap and fabric of cover.

Cover made from Original Fabric, used on real Sphere Helmets
Suspender system made from original strap.
Plates made from plastic.

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Volume weight 3 kg