"Tricolor" PVC Patch

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: patch
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The main task of any flag patch at the battlefield - fast identification of soldier and what side he belongs to. But it also affects moral condition of soldier and it's very important during long-term conflict. He knows, that he fights for liberty of his country, for it's history.

This patch provide ability to fast identificate soldier on distances higher, then 50 meters and it's very important during special operations or local conflicts.

Very durable, doent's lose color and don't torn , made for SOF units as a replacement of classic embroeded tricolor patch. 

1. Fast identification of soldier on distances more than 50 m
2. High durability, tear- and color loss-resistant
3. Unique iPVC® technology
4. Plastic crocket velcro.

This patch is made with usage of the unique iPVC® technology, developed by Mordor Tac.

PVC base is made of special military usage developed material. Increased durability and tear-resistance, has NIR signature.

Has high-quality plastic velcro (up to 10000 opening\closing circles), attached with glue.

Size 5x8/4x6 cm
Weight 0,01 kg 
Volume weight 0,01 kg