Combat Shirt "Triarius" ST

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: shirt
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   This Tactical Shirt will be very good choice, if you're assembling SRVV SURPAT® kit, especially during the hot summer, when body thermoregulation is very important, especially when you wear bodyarmor or tactical vest, to avoid overheating.

   The sleeves, shoulders and the collar of 
Combat Shirt "Triarius" ST  are made of durable SURPAT®fabric(50% Nylon, 50% Cotton MIL-SPEC, NIR (doesn't "shine" in Night Vision), chest and shoulder parts are made of Polartec®Power Stretch (274 g/m2), which provides perfect body thermoregulation and moisture removal, dries very fast. which is important during got summer or in regions with extremely hot climate. Tactical shirt sleeves have pockets on zipper and velcro panels for patches.

1. Made in well-recommended SURPAT®camo pattern.
2. Provides very good thermoregulation and moisture removal.
3. High-quality materials.
4. Sleeve pockets angles are changed for avoiding conflicts with equipment and weapon slings.
5. Sleeves velcro panels are NIR too and don`t "shine" in night vision.

1. Polartec® Power Stretch
2. Fabric: 50% Nylon/50% Cotton MIL-SPEC, NIR.
4. COATS® threads.
5. YKK® zippers.

Weight: 485 gram