AEG SR-3 "Vikhr"

Manufacturer: NPO AEG
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available

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  SR-3 “Vikhr” has been developed on request of SF units, especially counter-terrorist. This weapon has been created at the basis of the famous AS VAL rifle and that`s why it got very good reputation among specialists. SR-3 has been developed mainly as assault weapon, that`s why its compactness has matter. Actually a lot of counter-terrorirst law enforcement units use this combination of compactness, good characteristics and powerful cartridge. You may see this weapon in ROSN FSB and SOBR units.

  This AEG version is airsoft copy of the 1st version of SR-3, which will be the good choice for cqb games. The main advantage of this modification is compactness, which makes silencer installation impossible. The battery is installed in the forend of AEG. All elements, instead of forend and grip(made of high-durable plastic) are made of steel.

1. Gearbox: V3
2. Mode: AEG(electric)
3. Fire modes: semi- and full-auto
4. Mag capacity (mechanic): 50BB`s
5. Initial speed:120-130 m\s(393,701FPS – 426,509 FPS)
6. Installing the battery(not included into the supply kit!!!): In the forend

AEG itself: steel
Stock: steel
Forend and grip: high-durable plastic
Liner: original

Weight: 2000 gram
Length:650 mm
Barrel length:220 mm
Stock length:250 mm