Red Dot "Kobra Weaver"

Manufacturer: Aksion
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



Cobra Red Dot sight- now in Grey Shop!
EKP-8-18 “Cobra” red dot sights are widely famous not only in Russia, but also worldwide! This type of sight is well-known among different Russian SF units for its durability and characteristics and it is highly respectable for it.
Besides that,this sight is well-known worldwide, because it appeared in a lot of computer games. (Like Arma 2, Battlefield, etc.) .
This sight is designed especially for the weapon with RIS(Weaver) interface and can be mounted on every weapon which have it.
Uses CR2325 battery, may be changed to the similar one (not included in kit).

Supply kit:
Red Dot sight, Wipe for Optic,Wrench screwdriver,Instruction, Case.

Technical data:

Aiming range: Within target detection distance.

Line of sight: Unlimited.

Reflector light transmission coefficient: 0,6.

The angular size of the "Red Dot "- type aiming mark , min: 1,8.

Red dot brightness levels quantity: 16.

Power supply,V: 3.

Non-stop functioning time(with medium brightness and Red Dot mark),hours: 70

Operating temperatures, °С: from -40C till +50C.

Sizes, MM: 154 x 46 x 85.
Weight, grams: 380.