Magnifier scope "ZT410"

Manufacturer: Valday
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available

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Valdai magnifier scopes- now in Grey Shop!
ZT-410 magnifier scope are additional parts for PK122 Valdai holosights which were recently introduced into service in Russian Army and Special Forces units. It`s a part of modular optical system, designed and developed by Valdai LLC.

According to the military tests and combat usage experience in Syria, these sights were highly estimated by soldiers and SF operatives.
ZT-410 can modify your holosight into the x4 assault scope.

Moreover, this magnifier scope was introduced into Ratnik equipment kit and actually more and more Russian soldiers are getting this model, issued especially for them. Preferably to use with special mount! It`s sold separately. 

Technical data:

Angle line of sight: 5 degrees.

Diopter adjustment range:from -3 till +3 diopters.

Operating temperature range,ºС:from -50 till +50.

Sizes:125 x 45 x 46 mm.

Weight: 180 gram.