Red Dot Pilad 1x20 "Micro"

Manufacturer: VOMZ
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



Russian optoelectronic industry has created the spectre of compact and light Red Dot sights which are suitable bothly for law enforcement,IPSC shooters and hunters.

VOMZ(Vologda Optronic & Mechanical Facility) made compact and bothly durable Red Dot sights,with antishock construction. This model is considered to be the most compact.

Uses CR 2032 battery.


2.Durable and anti-shock construction.

3.Suitable for IPSC.

4.High quality of production.

5.Operating temperature range: from -40°С till +50°С

Technical data:

Power supply: 3V.

Power element:СR 2032.

Sizes : 38 х 38 х 50 mm.
Weight: 70 gram.