Optical Sight "PSO"

Manufacturer: NPZ
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available

$240 $290


A lot of SVD or AK users,including old-school fans, always have a problem to find authentic scope for their gun.

Grey Shop is ready to help users to solve the problem!

This 4x24 scope is authentic,made with usage of original technologies,aiming net backlighting and it will be a perfect choice for your SVD or VSS!

Moreover,aiming net is completely similar to the original Soviet one!

Has electronic alimentary from 1,5 AA battery.

1.Real durable Soviet quality =).

2.Original aiming net.

3.Backlightning of the aiming net.

4.Will be good and authentic choice for SVD\VSS rifles.

Technical data:

Optical zoom: 4x.

Sight of view: 6°.

Size: 337 х 136 х 72 mm.
Weight: 500 gram.