Thread Adapter "Armacon"

Manufacturer: Armacon
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



We are all looking for a soul mate, and the trunk of your machine gun is looking for its correct “tip”. It is a pity not all halves can coexist with each other. Your task is to help them coexist in harmony and agreement.

Armacon thread adaptors "Levsha" (from М14LHх1 to М24х1,5 thread) and "Pravsha" (from М14х1 to М24х1,5 thread) allow to install modern DTK to old-gen weapon, like AKM,AKMS,RPK.

1. On the flange successively applied undercuts under the latch , It simplifies fixation
of it in its extreme position, without unnecessary manipulation of the fit
2. Competibility: AKM, AK-74, AK-105, RPK, RPK-74

  •  Material: heat-resistant steel
  •  Coating: carbonitration

  • Weight: 44 gramm
  • Thread: 14х1 left/right