Stock Adapter with Tube "VS-44"

Manufacturer: VS
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



We all love big guns, but big guns mean great recoil. Stock is the thing, necessary for all rifles and something with bigger caliber. It must be light, durable, convinient and laconic.

"Vezhlivyy Strelok" LLC VS-44 tube is an adaptor with telescope stock tube for folding AK models and its civilian version. In this tube not only the length of the stock may be adjusted, but the height as well. It serves for more precise shooting and minimazing barrel's upper movements. The adaptor may be installed more higher than usual, or not, it's realised with 4 holes, which use hexagonal screws.

The tube made of aerospace alluminium and anodized, which provides additionnal anti-corrosium protection.

The stock has 5 adjustment positions, which allow shooter to set the optimal length.

1. Has commercial-base sizes, suits most of stocks
2. Has QD sling swiwels postitions from the left and the right sides
3. Foldes without fixation at the left side
4. The tube is empty inside, you may contain small items there
5. Compatibility: AK-74, AK-105 and their modifications

  • Material: Alluminium with anodizing covarage

  • Sizes: 19.7x3.5x4.5 cm
  • Diameter: 29.8 cm
  • Weight: 260 gram