DTK "VS-05"

Manufacturer: VS
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



  Shooting is good, but to shoot precisely is better. But there`s in obstacle, called "recoil".

  "Vezhlivyy Strelok" LLC VS-05 compensator is good choice for AK and AK-based carabines at the modern market. Made in different modififcations, designed for mounting at AK and 7,62 Saiga\Vepr rifles with thread 14x1(Left).  The compensator is made of mark 35 high-durable steel.

  VS-05 reduces recoil impulse and flame during the shooting due to decreasement of barel`s movements. This compensator provides shooter with more precise adjustment of barel`s movements with closing\opening 8 gas removal holes, closed by screws.

  VS-05 fixation in a vertical position is provided by a groove under the spring pin.

1. May be adjusted individually for owner`s preferations with 8 gas removal holes
3. It is installed on the muzzle and fixed with a regular spring pin, for which it has two kerfs at the base
4. Compatibility: AKM and it's modifications, AK-74, AK-105

  • Material: ST35 Steel

  • Length: 88 mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Weight: 159 g
  • Thread: 14x1(Left)