AK Gas Block "VS-33/39"

Manufacturer: VS
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   The classic don't get old! That's a pity that there's no anything eternal, so weapon design continues to improve. To be up-to-date and make proper and bothly ergonomic custom of your steel combat buddy you need something more, then standard parts.

   These gas tubes are designed for AK-type submachine guns and carbines, VS-33 for AKM, AK-74, AK-103, AK-105, VS-39 for Vityaz and Saiga-9. These tubes replace the regular ones and are combined with the vs-24 and VS-25 handguards using "adapters".

   Gas tubes are equipped with a Picatinny rail that allows you to install sighting devices and other tuning elements.

1. Replaces the standard gas pipe.
2. Picatinny rail for installation of tuning.
3. Ergonomic design.
4. With minimal modifications it is suitable for most AEG like LCT, Cyma, E&L, Marui.

Material: D16T alloy
Coating: powder paint

MODEL for AK VS-33:
Total length: 180 mm
Weight: 120 gram
COMPATIBLE WITH АКs: АКМ, АК-74, АК-103, AK-104, AK-105.

MODEL for Vityaz VS-39:
Total length135 мм
Weight:  100 gram
COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH PP-19-01 Vityaz & Saiga-9.