AK Gas Block "VS-33"

Manufacturer: VS
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



 The classic don't get old! That's a pity that there's no anything eternal, so weapon design continues to improve. To be up-to-date and make proper and bothly ergonomic custom of your steel combat buddy you need something more, then standard parts.

  AK-74 basic gas tube is familiar to any person, who loves guns, but the developers couldn't predict accessories existence in future, which are usual things actually.

  "Vezhlivyy Strelok" LLC VS-33 gas tube can become a good update for your carbine. It's designed for mounting at AK and it's modifications, has integrated Picatinny rail for red dot sights mounting or something else, can fit bothly VS-24\25 forends, but can be installed with other forends too.

  Has durable and stable fixation, which is important with usage of red dot sights, especially heavy ones (like EoTech or PK-122). There are "petals" in frontal and lower parts, closing the holes in gasblock and giving the direction to the released gases, twisting them and decreasing their outer impact. The dump is actually in lower part and executes via 14 angle-made holes. This construction protects the hands, especially in IPSC-grip and protects the barrel from any impact as well.

  Picatinny rail allows to place the red dot sights in very convenient maniere for shooter and doesn't close access to the mechanical sight in case of turning off the red dot sight.

1. Сompetible: АКМ, АК-47, АК-105, Saiga, Vepr 
2. Low weight doesn`t affect at weapon`s balance. Due to the rail
may be used for red dot sights mounting
3. Has so called "star" form inside, which prolongs service term

  • Material: D16T high durable alluminium alloy with anodizing coverage

  • Weight: 137 gram
  • Sizes: 180 x 38 x 27 mm
  • Rail length: 174 mm
  • Diametre: 21 mm