Universal Groin Pad "Triangle"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



  The risk of fragmentary or bullet injuries among engaged personnel is very high actually, especially in modern local armed conflicts and standard body armour cannot provide user with necessary ballistic protection from this kind of risks in some cases. Groin area protection is very important especially.

  ArsArma LLC presents you their view of soldier`s body protection. Groin Pad is competible with the most parts of bodyarmor models.

  The construction is very durable, due to high-quality materials, shock- and tear- resistant, used in development. You can place kevlar or its imitation inside. Has MOLLE interface from the outer side to place the pouches. Doesn't have mat inside as insertion.

1. Easy to clean
2. Well-breathable and wind protection
3. High tear- and shock-resistance
4. Common construction durability
5. Easy to install and adjust
6. Has MOLLE interface

Material: Cordura 500D

Width: 33 cm
Height: 32.5 cm
Weight: 90 g