Universal Shoulder Pads "ARM"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



When you have a lot of equipment and bothly conducting long-distance march, you will certainly face a proble,=m of discomfort, which is not critical, but at the same time not very pleasant for everyone.

ARS ARMA LLC "ARM" universal shoulders poddles vere developed especially for simplifiyng your life in such moments. They increase user`s comfort and provides user with better quality of equipment`s weight`s distribution. Suitable for the most part of modern vests due to the simple and bothly well-planned construction scheme.

Due to outer poddles layer neoprene material, made with usage of Sure-Grip technology, the poddles don`t slip away and replace, even in case of running. The poddles also have velcro-stopper to avoid such kind of situations.

1. Ideal attachment for JPC.
2. The non-sliping liner is made of Sure-Grip Neoprene.
3. Removable insertions may be replace by kevlar.
4. Velcro-stopper helps to avoid replacements.

Material: Cordura 500D, Neoprene (Sure-Grip)

Weight: 60 g