Sneakers "Marche"

Manufacturer: Byteks
Product Code: boots
Stock Status: Available



  Moving is life for somebody and if we`re talking about combat actions, this expression becomes axioma.

  If you got tired from standard combat boots or they won`t fit your GopTac suit - this model of sneakers is your choice certainly!

  Tracking military sneakers "Marche" from Byteks LLC (one of the leadres at Russian market and its goods are very popular in law, military enforcement and EMERCOM). "Marche" sneakers are very light and comfortable, like slippers.

  This comfort is an achievement of well-thought construction, well-matched materials and their components and breathable net for additional ventillation. The construction, production technology and materials allow "Marche" model to serve for a long time in non-stop usage mode. The sneakers are light, flexible and allow you to feel comfortable during high physical activity.

1. Natural velor
2. Excellent shock absorption
3. High wear resistance
4. Very light

Material: natural velor

Weight: 350 gram