Summer disguise "KM-L" Palma

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available


KM-L suit based on Soviet suit, firstly produced in 1986 year, based on color, produced in 1944 year. Hood on KM-L removable, so this suit can work with "Kapkan" and similar sniper coats. Made from "old gen" fabric cotton fabric, so it will works good during summer hot days and will be one of the most comfortable suits ever. 
The material of this suit is very skin-friendly and well breathable, the suit has it`s own unique camo pattern, created at the basis of rare old-gen Soviet camos, developed during  The Second World War and in the middle 1950-s. 
Besides that, KM-L suit is something between classic scout suits like SSO Partizan and standard field uniform, due to the construction. 

Works great in high grass, so, this is usually only summer camo, but still very popular in Special Forces. Also it have special loops for placing additional camo leafs. 

This suit will be good purchase for everyone, who want old gen products, but brand new and for low price.