Vityaz Gas Block "VS-39"

Manufacturer: VS
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



  We all like big guns, but big guns also maen big recoil.

  “Vezlhiviy Strelok” LLC VS-39 gas tube is an ergonomic replacement of the standard AK gas tube and it`s designed for mounting of different optic and red dot sights, flashlights,lasers, etc. Besides that, it impacts positively at shooting precision, protects the shooter from burns and in combination with VS-24, VS-24U, VS-25 forends it composes monolithic system. Designed for usage with VS-29 forens, but also may suit other forends.

  The tube is made of aviation aluminium with additional anodized anticorrosion liner which provides good durability to different mechanical damages.

1. Free mechanic and optic sights usage without accidental replacement
2. RIS rail on top allows to place small RedDot sights of Aimpoint Micro type
3. Competible with Vitiaz and Saiga-9
4. Made especially for VS-29 forend and similar models from “Vezhliviy Strelok” LLC
5. Designed for Cyma & LCT models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.

Material: D16T alloy with anodized liner

Length: 13,5 cm
RIS rail length: 17,4 cm
Mounting point wideness: 38 mm
Weigth: 135 g