Suit "Gorka C"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   For trainings and outdoor activities both you need a durable and functional suit. Don't forget that the clothes are also consumables, so for training you need something you can spare, unlike a new suit in the original A-tacs. The suit should be breathable, waterproof, comfortable and durable, but affordable. The combination of this is rare.

   Gorka S from SSO is a 4th version of Gorka, made of better quality and more durable materials. Gorkas from the SSO are more popular between experienced operators in police SF and army scout units. The jacket is made as an anorak which means increased comfort when using the LBE (like SMERSH) and protects from strong wind better.

   The recognizable look of Gorka is perfect for recreating an image of an old-school Russian special forces, but without camouflage inserts it allows to smoothly fit into hunting or fishing. The suit is strengthened in various places, which ensures its high durability and convenience.

1. Well-known brand.
2. Legendary suit of Rusian Spetsnaz.
3. Anorak jacket.

Fabric: 100% Tent C/P.

Weight: 2 kg