Suit Gorka C

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available


Gorka C created by SSO company. This suit is extremely popular and used by Special Forces, fishers, hunters and of course airsofters. Firstly was produced in the end of 90-x, this suit still in use. 

Why this suit is so popular? There a lot of factors. First of all - high quality of suit. SSO have one of the most modern machines for production. Second - this suit made from expansive fabric (it's affect on price), but it's very durable and tight fabric and it's provide wind and water proof. Third of all - it's reinforced with additional fabric on sleeves, legs and elbow, it's provide additional durability for suit.

Main difference between Gorka-C and Gorka P - Gorka C have one big pocket on breast and this suit usually called "Anorak". This pocket very useful, when you don't wear bodyarmor over suit. You can put your mobile phone, documents, keys in it. It's very big and very comfortable to use. 

Main difference between Gorka C and Gorka 4 (Bars) - Gorka C made from better materials, that's why it's cost little more. Fabric is more lighter, with better waterproof qualities.