Suit Gorka E

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available


Gorka E (also known as Gorka 3) is one of the legendary Russian Suits. Originally made for Special Forces, now it's used almost everywhere. From Special Force till auto services. Can be used as civil clothes, because it's really very comfortable.

Durable, wind and water proof and of course affordable - this Gorka will be best choice, when you need really good suit for Spring or Autumn. 

Now available in different colors!


1. Original Mogoteks fabric, that used in digital flora suits.

2. Unique colors

3. Produced by SSO. 

4. 4 pockets on Jacket and 4 Pockets on Trousers.

5. 4 unique colors made special for Grey-Shop

6. Reinforsment on knees and elbows.

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